Prestart Checklist

If starting without Ground Power on, items marked with *** must be performed after engine start as they cannot be performed without AC power.

1. Ejection seat

SAFE. Lever is position forward.

2. Trigger safety


3. Parking brake

ON Depress brakes and pull handle.

4. Data Cartridge

Insert into slot.

5. Main power (HUVUDSTRÖM)


6. Low pressure fuel valve (LT-kran)


7. Master Caution

Cancel alarm.

8. Cockpit illumination

Desired setting.

9. Master Mode selector

Master Mode BER.

10. Landing gear lever

OUT. Confirm that landing gear lever is down to prevent retraction on hydraulic pressure.

11. Autothrottle lever OFF

Confirm that Autothrottle (AFK) is off.

12. Throttle

Ground idle (MTG). Click the throttle catch (on front left). Opens up the High pressure fuel valve.

13. Landing light (STRÅLKAST)

OFF (middle position).

14. Emergency Lights (NÖDBEL)


15. Check backup instrument illumination ***

See checklist below.

16. Check warning panel lights

a. Press and checkH all indicator lights on the warning panel. Release and confirm that lights marked with white are lit. Without Ground power, ELFEL, RHM FEL and CK will be lit. X-TANK BRÄ will not be lit if the drop tank is empty.
b. If Pitch gearing warning (TIPPVÄXEL) is lit, engine start is still allowed. This should disappear during engine start.

17. ROLL TRIM ***

Check and centre.

18. Generator


19. Autopilot yaw correction (RENFLYGNING)

Set to 0. Fine-tunes yaw input from autopilot.

20. Yaw trim (SID TRIM) ***

Check and centre.

21. FR 24 radio

NORMAL + GUARD (NORM+LARM). Enables normal radio function (FR 22) and backup radio to monitor the guard (emergency) frequency.

22. RADAR illumination strength

Middle position.

23. MIK BANK (Flight recorder)

Set to desired position.

24. Radar panel

Normal settings (see radar settings below).

25. Radar altimeter setting LAND / SJÖ (Land / Sea)

Desired position. Sets the radar altimeter for either land or sea.

26. Thrust Reverser

OFF. Confirm that thrust reverser selector handle is retracted.

27. Attitude Director Indicator FLI 37 (ADI) ***

Check proper alignment, Fast Erect if needed.

28. FR 22 Radio

Set correct base and channel, FM/ AM selector Desired position (normally AM)

29. HUD reflector glass

Landing setting (lower). Set the reflector glass to the lower setting to allow display of take-off and landing modes.

30. HUD slave switch SLAV-SI

OFF (F).

31. Altitude source selector HÖJD CI SI

LD, sets altitude information in HUD, and radar display to use barometric altitude.

32. Backup Artificial Horizon ***

Fast erect. Pull out knob on instrument to cage and erect.

33. Backup altimeter

Reset and set altimeter to maximum of 3 hPa difference from QFE.    

34. Backup Course indicator***

Fast erect by pressing the button instrument, indicator light turns off when completed.

35. Engine pressure ratio

Check, should be around 1.0.

36. Fuel indicator ***

Check, should deviate a maximum of either ± 5 % from 106 or 131% ( full fuel load without or with external tank)

37. KB countermeasures pod and APP-27 Radar Warning Receiver

Desired positions.

38. Exterior lighting

Desired setting.

39. IFF system

Desired setting. Normally ON (TILL).

40. Course Correction KURSKORR

Check and set local magnetic declination.

41. Windshield / Canopy defrost (VARMLUFTSPOLNING FRONTRUTA)


42. TILS selector

Mode A (Automatic).

43. Radar Altimeter


44. Weapon Selector

Desired position.

45. Weapon Release mode selector

Desired position.

46. Weapon Target mode selector

Desired position.

47. Circuit breakers (right CB panel)

Confirmed ON (pushed in).

48. Data Input ***

Load data cartridge and input other necessary data.
*Please review the data input notesbelow and the navigation data section furhter ahead..*

49. Oxygen

Check pressure and open flow valve.

50. Indicator System check. ***

Press KONTROLL Button (right side panel)
» High alpha Warning- two short bursts. Stick vibrates.
» Warning lights BRAND (Fire warning) lit
» Lights LANDSTÄLL (Landing gear warning) not lit.
» Altitude warning light lit with a solid light.
» Indicated fuel 29 ± 3 % and indicator returns to previous setting.
» Data indicator panel shows 1 and current CK-program number.
» FK-light is on (green).

51. Canopy

Close and check locked. May be closed earlier if needed.

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