Post Engine Start without ground power

Assuming Prestart has already been done

1. Backup instrument illumination




3. Yaw trim (SID TRIM)


4. Attitude Director Indicator FLI 37

Check proper alignment, Fast Erect if needed.

5. Backup Artificial Horizon

Fast erect. Pull out knob on instrument to cage and erect. Press to knob to uncage.

6. Backup Course indicator

Fast erect by pressing the button instrument, indicator light turns off when completed.

7. Fuel indicator

Check, should deviate a maximum of ± 5 % from 106 or 131% (without or with drop tank).

8. Data Input

Load data cartridge and / or input other necessary data.

IMPORTANT- At minimum, always input or confirm the correct the start airfield.

Developers note- In DCS, the system will automatically detect the start airfield and load it into memory


To make sure initial course is set, the coordinates for the start base as well at the runway heading should always be inputted if not set via reference number.

9. Indicator System- Check. Press KONTROLL Button (right side panel)

» High alpha Warning- two short bursts. Stick vibrates.
» Warning lights BRAND (Fire warning) lit
» Lights LANDSTÄLL (Landing gear warning) not lit.
» Altitude warning light lit with a solid light.
» Indicated fuel 29 ± 3 % and indicator returns to previous setting.
» Data indicator panel shows 1 and current CK-program number.
» FK-light is on (green).

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