Engine Start

Assuming Prestart has already been done


ON (TILL) and hold for 2 seconds (switch will be held in place automatically during the duration of the engine start cycle)

Engine Start Check
» Indicator light STARTSYS is lit within 5 seconds (if not START SWITCH OFF).
» Maximum EGT (exhaust gas temperature) 400° C is not exceeded.
» If exceeded. Throttle to OFF, START SWITCH to OFF. Engine is likely faulty.
» Checks during ground idle.
» RPM- 55-65 %.
» Pressure ratio- around 1.0.
» Nozzle indicator- Fully open.
» Maximum Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)- 350 °C.
» Indicator lights- OFF;
» OLJETRYCK (oil pressure may be lit maximum of 60 seconds) X-TANK BRÄ (Drop tank fuel).
» SPAK- Automatically turned ON. Check.
» If risk for engine icing. Turn engine de-ice (AVISNING MOTOR) ON (TILL).


NOTE- Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) should increase within 30 seconds.

Further start-up attempts may not be made if (due to safety concerns)
Failed start-up due to exceeded EGT.
RPM has increased over 65% without pilot input (possible danger of runaway engine).
A maximum of three engine start-up attempts is allowed. At least a minute should elapse between each attempt is started.
When the STARTER SWITCH is set to ON (TILL), until the indicator light START-SYST is turned off, the Master Caution system is inhibited.

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