Before take-off

1. Align the aircraft with the runway


2. Main course, Backup course, Backup artificial horizon, and Altimeter


3. Master Mode selector

NAV (At the earliest 2 minutes before throttle up, to avoid problems with the navigation system)

4. Manual course setting

If needed. Press Reference button (on stick) after carefully aligning with the runway heading.


ON, Check light on.

6. Master Caution, Warning lights

Check. (X-TANK BRĂ„ disappears first after 70% RPM)

7. HUD symbology

Check that information is correct.

8. Landing light


Note- The Radar and Central Indicator (CI) will first function 30 seconds after Master Mode Selector is set to NAV, and 180 s after the generator is on. (Due to software initialisation)


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