After Engine Start

Assuming Prestart has already been done

1. Control surfaces

Free and full deflection possible.

2. Pitch trim

Check. Position 0 with A/C without drop tank or drop tank empty. -3 (nose up) if A/C with external tank mounted.  

3. Airbrakes


4. Brake Pressure

Depress brakes and check pressure 200- 270 kp/cm2.

5. Ejection seat

UNSAFE (pull lever above the head to sideways stowed position),

6. Altimeter

Reset and check maximum deviation of 2 hPa from QFE,

7. Master Caution, Warning lights

Check. (X-TANK BRÄ disappears first after 70% RPM),

8. Autopilot

Emergency disconnect, SPAK ON.

9. Wheel Chocks


10. Landing light


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