Welcome to LISTd.

I Hope you enjoy this site and it helps you enjoy your flight sims!

Firstly about this site.

  • I want this to be a site for all players of all simulation games to be able to find checklists and add checklists.
  • anyone can copy this site if they dont like what I am doing. Repo
  • I have no plans to Monetize or Profit from the checklist data or this site or anything anyone does to assist with making this site great.
  • It is opensource (if I have any license issue let me know I am not good with everything and I left it at default MIT which seems open enugh to me?)
  • I have no plans to add ads.

That said, if you are intrested in assisting right now my priority is getting checklists added in to the site. I have added QUITE a few and there are still a lot more to go.

my priority is to get offical documentation checklists in the site first.

if you want to help me with this just check with me first and set a timeframe and what aircraft you want to work on so we dont duplicate work, then all you do is copy the steps word for word from the offical docs downloaded with the module from DCS ( word for word excpet tiny edits to fix in the check list format as needed.)

If you are willing then just format it to the standard in the wiki and we can see about getting a awsome site for all Sim Pilots,Captains, and Drivers!

I will attempt to keep this source updated on info on adding checklists.