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Rocket CCIP Use

With a rocket profile selected and configured, and the Master Arm switch set to ARM, you can put some rockets down range. You can either deliver rockets in CCIP or CCRP mode. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

These are steps for CCIP

To most easily select rockets in CCIP mode, set the HUD as SOI and

Select CCIP mode by pressing the Master Mode Control Button until selected. The current mode is displayed in the center of the HUD.

Press the DMS Left or Right Short until you select a rocket profile. The profile name is both listed on the DSMS Status page and in the bottom left corner of the HUD.

Much like the CCIP Gun Reticle, you will place the CCIP Rocket Reticle over the target by maneuvering the aircraft. When greater than 2 nm slant range, the range to target will be displayed below the reticle as a numeric. On the left side of the HUD, the projected flight time of the rocket if fired now is displayed.

When the slant range to target is less than 2 nm, the range numeric under the CCIP reticle is removed and the analog range bar within the reticle starts to unwind.

At around 1 nm, hold down the weapon release button to launch rockets.

The main advantage to using CCIP mode to deliver rockets is that it is more accurate than CCRP mode. The disadvantage is that it generally requires you to get closer to the target and keep your nose on it.

To accurately use the CCIP rocket sight, the aircraft must know the elevation of the aim point. This is most often done by selecting DTS elevation. This is done by first pressing the DATA rocker on the UFC and then the SEL rocker until DTS is displayed on the third line of the HUD data block. If DTS is not selected, the elevation will be based on the steerpoint. If based on steerpoint and the steerpoint is at a higher elevation than where the CCIP sight is pointed, you will get a CCIP INVALID error.

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