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Maverick Weapon Mode, Tracking

Steps after target is locked.

1. When the Maverick has locked on to a target, the Pointing Cross that represents the pointing angle of the Maverick in relation to the aircraft’s longitudinal axis will flash.

2. At this point you can hold down the weapon release button to launch the missile.

If you have fired a Maverick from a LAU-88 launcher, the next Maverick on the launcher will automatically be selected and slewed to the last Maverick lock location. This is termed a “Quick Draw”.

If however you wish to select a Maverick from another station, you must cycle your profile using the HUD rotary by pressing DMS Left or Right Short.

If you wish to re-cage the Maverick seeker to its boresight position or the seeker has reached its gimbal limits, you can re-cage the seeker to boresight by pressing China Hat Aft Short.

Using a Maverick in centroid track is best for moving vehicles or small, stationary targets.

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