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Maverick Weapon Mode, No Track

Steps to aquire a track or lock with maverick.

1. With the Maverick in Weapon mode, SENSOR on the left side of the display is replaced with the Dynamic Launch Zone (DLZ). The caret on the right side of the DLZ indicates line of sight range from the aircraft to the ground point under the tracking gate. The top and bottom of the DLZ staple indicate the maximum and minimum range of the Maverick. The number at the bottom of the DLZ indicates the projected flight time of the missile.

2. Use the slew switch or Slave All to SPI command (China Hat Forward Long) to move the tracking gate over the desired target.

3. You can change your field of view by pressing China Hat Forward Short on the throttle.

4. Slew the tracking gate over the target and release the slew control. When you release, the Maverick will attempt to lock onto the center of mass of a target it detects inside the tracking gate. If it cannot lock on to a target, after a few seconds, the seeker will go into Break Lock mode and the crosshairs will expand out to the edges of the display. To try to lock again, slew the tracking gate back on to the target and release the slew control. Depending on the range to target and the size of the target, this may take a few tries.

5. If the seeker is slewed from a stabilized position (boresight or slaved to SPI), it will no longer be stabilized once slewed off.

6. In addition to the slew and release method of locking a target, you may also keep the tracking gate in boresight and fly to place the tracking gate over the target and then press TMS Forward Short to initiate a lock. You can also do this when the tracking gate has been moved over a target while in a slave state (such as slaving your Maverick to the SPI).

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