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Maverick in Force Correlate Tracking Mode

If you need to attack a specific part of a large object (such as a particular window in an office building), you can use force correlate mode with AGM/TGM-65H, AGM/TGM-65G, AGM-65K, and CATM-65K. This mode allows the seeker to create a basic picture of the scene and home in on one specified area of that scene.

to use the Maverick in force correlate mode:

1. Place the Boat Switch in the center position.

2. Slew the tracking gate near the intended target.

3. Ground stabilize the Maverick by pressing TMS Aft Short.

4. Slew the tracking gate over the target and the tracking gate will fully collapse. The Pointing Cross will go steady.

5. You can now launch the Maverick by holding down the weapon release button.

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