Maverick Prep

Steps to prepare a maverick for use

1. Select the MAV display on either MFCD.

The page will initially indicate OFF, but by pressing the EO OSB 6, you will start the gyro alignment process for all Mavericks loaded. The alignment process takes 3 minutes.

2. The EO Timer in the bottom right corner of the display shows the time since the Mavericks were turned on.


DSMS Maverick Status Page
On the DSMS Status page, Mavericks can be loaded only on stations 3 and 9. Mavericks loaded on those stations will have weapon station boxes with this possible information

Top line lists the name of the Maverick version
The bottom line will list the type of launcher (88 for LAU-88 or 117 for LAU-117) on one side and the Maverick status on the other. Possible Maverick states are
OFF. Maverick power is set to OFF on the Maverick MFCD page.
ALN. The Maverick is undergoing the 3 minute alignment.
RDY. The Maverick station is currently active.
STBY. The Maverick station is in standby mode but is aligned.
FLAPS. Flaps are down and must be raised.

Note- The active Maverick station is colored white.


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