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When the aircraft is in a 3-point attitude, the nose restricts forward visibility. This means that in taxiing, you must zig-zag (or "S-turn") continually.

Taxi with the canopy open. This not only aids visibility, but keeps the cockpit cooler on the ground. In ordinary taxiing, keep the stick aft of neutral. This locks the tail wheel and makes it steerable through 6° right or left with the rudder pedals. To make sharp turns or to go around corners, unlock the tail wheel by pushing the stick full forward. In this position the tail wheel is full swiveling. Be careful not to start a sharp turn before unlocking the tail wheel – it tends to bind.

Throttle back when taxiing and use the brakes as little as possible. There is no point in wasting a lot of gasoline and burning up your brakes on the taxi strip.

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