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After completing the Pre-start check, proceed with engine start-up as follows:

Prime the engine three to four seconds if it is cold, one if warm.

Raise the starter switch cover and hold the switch up in the START position to operate the starter and begin turning the engine ([Home] key).

After six propeller blades have passed the canopy, set the Ignition switch to BOTH while continuing to operate the starter.

As the engine starts, move the mixture control to RUN and release the starter switch. If the engine fails to take hold after several revolutions, give it one second’s more prime.

If the engine cuts out after starting, return the mixture control immediately to IDLE CUTOFF.

Check that oil pressure reaches at least 50 PSI within 30 seconds. If it doesn’t, stop the engine.

Idle at about 1200-1300 RPM until the oil temperature reaches 40°C and the oil pressure is steady.

Check the suction gauge to show between 3.75 to 4.25” of vacuum pressure.

Check all of the engine instruments. Make sure they don’t exceed or fall below their limits.

After the engine is warmed up, idle at 1000 RPM or slightly less. This keeps the engine clean but not too hot.

If for any reason you anticipate pulling more than 40” of manifold during the engine ground run, be sure that the airplane is anchored.

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