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To stop the engine, follow the procedure below:

Set the propeller control full forward. This makes the engine easier to start next time.

Idle at 1500 RPM.

Fuel booster – OFF.

Move the mixture control to IDLE CUT-OFF, opening the throttle as the RPM drops below 700 RPM. Do not open the throttle above 700 RPM as any sudden opening of the throttle at this point discharges fuel into the carburetor and causes after-firing – the engine sputters and attempts to fire again.

Ignition switch – OFF.

Turn off all electrical switches. Don’t forget the battery switch.

Lock the controls, and move the carburetor air lever to UNRAMMED FILTERED AIR.

If the parking brakes are to be used, give them plenty of time to cool or they may freeze in place. Avoid using the parking brakes unless dictated by conditions or tying the aircraft down overnight.

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