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After Takeoff

Perform the following steps once a safe takeoff is accomplished

Raise the landing gear by pulling the landing gear lever inward and up. Be sure the lever catches in the up position. In a minimum-run takeoff, raise the flaps when altitude is at least 200 feet, a sufficient airspeed has been attained and all obstacles have been cleared.

Check coolant and oil temperatures, and oil pressure.

Do not apply brakes after takeoff to stop rotation of the wheels to prevent the brake disks from seizing.

After reaching an altitude of 500 feet, throttle back to 46” of manifold at 2700 RPM.

Re-trim the aircraft for climbing attitude as necessary.

Check all of your instruments for proper function within normal parameters. In doing so, be sure to check the ammeter indicator showing proper charging from the generator. Immediately after takeoff, the rate of charge should not exceed 100 amps, dropping back to the normal 50 amps or less after 5 minutes of operation. If the charge does not reduce, turn the generator disconnect switch to OFF and return to the airfield. Also check the hydraulic pressure to read approximately 1000 PSI after the landing gear has been retracted.

Optimum climb to altitude speed is approximately 170 mph.

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